Isabel Garmon

Isabel Garmon, Spanish woman painter born in May 17th of 1985 in Zaragoza, figures out her big passion for art after doing illustration studies in Madrid, being there where through private classes of academic drawing and painting in the studio of a famous painter, Isabel developed her true vocation: to be a painter.

At that time she feels to go deeper in the knowledge of technique, travelling to Italy and enroll in the prestigious The Florence Academy of Art in the full painting program thanks to the help of being awarded twice by The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant, where she gets more confidence on her skills in drawing and painting.

In 2018 Isabel goes back to Madrid and gets to be copyist in The Prado Museum making a copy of «La Anunciación by Velázquez». This experience gives her higher knowledge above the Old Master Painters process, something very important to understand the contemporary time that we live.

Isabel lived her big dream at that time, being in Florence, to train in that academy and to get a strong base in drawing and painting technique. She knew that training would help her to work from the statement “Learning how to build up to know how to unbuild up” and work from the most sincere part of her as artist.

The Isabel´s artworks can be found in private collections and some museum as the MEAM of Barcelona in Spain. 


2016 – 2018___Painting Program in The Florence Academy of Art., Florence – Italy.
2013 – 2014___Academic human figure drawing and painting with Jordan Sokol., Madrid – Spain.
2013 _______ Workshop of oil painting with Jura bedic, Florence – Italy.
2011 – 2013___ Academic human figure drawing and painting with Amaya Gúrpide, Madrid – Spain.
2009 – 2010___Academic human figure drawing with Diego Catalán, Madrid – Spain.
2009 – 2012___Digital and graphic creation in ESDIP, Madrid – Spain.
2005 – 2009___Graphic Design in ESDA, Zaragoza – Spain. 


2023___Honorable mention in «XXXV Francisco Pradilla» Contest, Villanueva de Gállego – Spain.                                     2022___Selected in “LIX Concurso Internacional de Dibujo”, Barcelona – Spain.                                                                   2021___Selected in Figurativas Contest.
2021___Finalist in Modportrait Contest.
2020___Second prize in the “Indalencio Hernández Vallejo” Painting Contest – Spain.
2019___Selected in the AEP , Assosation of Spanish Painters, Madrid – Spain.
2019___Selected in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, London – England.
2018___Finalist in “Strokes of Genius 11”, Artist Network Magazine, United States.
2018___Selected in Art Re 2018___Selected in Royal Society of Portrait Painters, London – England.
2015___Selected in Figurativas competition // Painting bought by MEAM, Barcelona – Spain.
2014___Finalis 2008___First prize in the cover for “25 anniversary of Cipaj”, Zaragoza – Spain.
2008___First prize in design of “Creación Joven ” magazine, Zaragoza – Spain.
2007___Honored mention in comic for “Arte Joven ”, Zaragoza – Spain. 

Collective / Individual Exhibitions 

2023___»ARTLIFE FEST», Moscow – Russia.                                                                                                                                                   2023___ “El color de la luz”, Sala Juana Francés, Zaragoza – Spain.                                                                                                         2022___ “LIX Concurso Internacional de Dibujo”, Barcelona – Spain.                                                                                   2021___“Modportrait”, Zaragoza – Spain.
2021___“The Royal Society of Portrait Painters” , London – England.
2021___“Mujeres artistas” in the MEAM, Barcelona – Spain.
2020___”La casa por la ventana”, Zaragoza – Spain.
2020___ “Indalencio Hernández Vallejo” Painting Contest , Valencia de Alcántara , Cáceres – Spain.
2019___”The Royal Society of Portrait Painters”, London – England.
2018___”Mujeres artistas” in the MEAM, Barcelona – Spain.
2017___”First auction of The Florence Academy of Art” , New Jersey – United States.
2015___”Figurativas” in MEAM, Barcelona – Spain.
2014___“La esencia latente”, Madrid – Spain.
2013___“Isabel Garmon”, Zaragoza – Spain.
2012___“Cierzo”, Zaragoza – Spain.
2011___“Historical Illustration” in ESDIP, Madrid – Spain.
2007___“Iniciar Sesión” in Cuarto Espacio, Zaragoza – Spain. 


2017___Greenshields Foundation, Montreal – Canada.
2015___Greenshields Foundation, Montreal – Canada.
2014___Workshop of portrait on oil painting with Maureen Hyde and Vitaly Stanko in The Florence
Academy of Art, Florence – Italy.
2013___Workshop of portrait on oil painting with Jura Bedic in TheFlorence Academy of Art, Florence – Italy.
2009___Artistic studies by Ibercaja, Zaragoza – Spain.
2009___Artistic studies by Zaragoza Council. 

Artistic work 

2023___Online course teaching in Domestika.                                                                                                                                             2022 – 2023___Commissions and private teaching in my studio.                                                                                         2022___Workshop online of oil painting with “Academy of Realist art Mexico”.                                                                         2022___Mural Painting in the Clinic Hospital with Believe in Art, in Zaragoza – Spain.
2021___Painting life portraits for an artistic event, “Hackea el Museo”, in Zaragoza – Spain.
2019 – 2021___Private classes in my studio in Zaragoza – Spain.
2019___Artist in “Asalto Festival” in Zaragoza – Spain.
2019___Art conference in “De Vuelta con el Cuaderno” Course in Calatayud – Spain.
2019___Copyist in the Prado Museum in Madrid – Spain. 
2018 – 2022___Private commissions.
2013___Drawing teacher in IED, Madrid – Spain.
2018 – 2019___Natural drawing and Illustration teacher in ESDIP, Madrid – Spain.
2013 – 2016___Natural drawing and Illustration teacher in ESDIP, Madrid – Spain.
2012 – 2013___Assistant in the studio of Amaya Gúrpide.
2008 – 2013___Freelance illustrator.
2007 – 2009___Illustrations for Zaragoza Council, DPZ. 

Media publishing 

2023___ “HERALDO DE ARAGÓN”.                                                                                                                                                                         2023___ «EL PERIÓDICO DE ARAGÓN»                                                                                                                                                                2023___ “SUPLEMENTO PERIÓDICO DE ARAGÓN”.                                                                                                                                2022___ “MONCHOU MAGAZINE”.
2022___ “ARAGON TV”, Atónitos Huéspedes.
2021___ “ARAGÓN RADIO”.
2021___ “HERALDO DE ARAGÓN”, Local Newspaper.
2020___ “ART FUNDAMENTALS”, 3D Stutio Total. 
2019___ “ARAGÓN TELEVISIÓN”, Local Tv. 
2019___ “HERALDO DE ARAGÓN”, Local Newspaper.
2014___ “ES RADIO”.
2012___ “LAMONO Magazine”.
2011___ “THE MAG”, Art Magazine.
2011___“CREACIÓN JOVEN, Caja Madrid” 

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