Isabel Garmon

Isabel Garmon, Spanish woman painter born in May 17th of 1985 in Zaragoza, figures out her big passion for art after doing illustration studies in Madrid, being there where through private classes of academic drawing and painting in the studio of a famous painter, Isabel develop her true vocation: to be a painter.

At that time she feels to go deeper in the knowledge of technique, traveling to Italy and enroll in the prestigious The Florence Academy of Art in the full painting program, where she gets more confidence on her skills in drawing and painting.

In 2018 Isabel goes back to Madrid and gets to be copyist in The Prado Museum making a copy of «La Anunciación by Velázquez». This experience gives her higher knowledge above the Old Master Painters process, something very important to understand the contemporary time that we live.

Nowadays Isabel is living in Zaragoza teaching private classes in her studio and working in her personal artwork.


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